Knock’em Out Pest Control is a professional bird removal and pest control business in Michigan. We offer the following bird control services:

  • Bird Trapping & Removal
  • Installation of Bird Deterrents like Spikes
  • Seal up, Netting and other Prevention
  • Removal of Birds in Buildings
  • Bird Waste Cleanup

We can solve almost any problem/conflict with birds from small jobs to large projects.

Our bird and control services most commonly consist of two types of jobs:

  • Removal of random birds from buildings, such as a bird that fell down a chimney, or a bird stuck inside a building.
  • Bird prevention jobs involving the installation of preventative devices such as bird spikes in order to keep birds from roosting in unwanted areas.

We handle many types of nuisance bird situations and can rid your property - store sign, beams, ledges, or other architecture of these messy flying rats.