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Is your home or business suffering from the unwanted presence of pests or wildlife? Knock’em Out Pest Control's expert team of technicians has the experience and skill to solve your animal or pest control problem quickly and efficiently.

Knock’em Out Pest Control has proudly served the home-owners, businesses, and government agencies of Michigan in resolving their invasive wildlife and insect issues for 24 years. Our qualified staff is ready to answer your call any time, day or night.

Why Choose Knock’em Out Pest Control

  • We have proudly served Michigan for 24 years.
  • Our dedicated team of animal and pest control specialists are always on call to help solve your nuisance wildlife and pest problems.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency service 365 days a year, so your insect or animal issue can be addressed immediately.
  • Each year, we provide the best in wildlife and pest control for our customers.

Humane Animal Removal & Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

Knock’em Out Pest Control understands that every creature serves a greater purpose in our environment, and we strive to handle each animal with respect. We endeavor to use the most humane methods possible when removing a wildlife problem from your property.

Knock’em Out Pest Control is dedicated not only to removing invasive pests and wildlife from your home, but we want to save you time and money by ensuring the problem doesn't reemerge. We are industry leaders in protecting homes and businesses with specially designed animal-proofing devices. We are also able to replace damaged or soiled insulation and seal gaps where pests are entering, thereby preventing future animal and insect problems while making your home more energy efficient.

Licensed and Insured, Knock’em Out Pest Control should be your first call to professionally and expertly solve your nuisance wildlife and pest problems.

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