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Realizing that our home is the primary place we want to feel safe and comfortable we need to be assured that our families are protected against pests that could cause harm or illness. As Michigan’s most experienced pest control company we know how to locate, treat and prevent every type of pest problem. We will provide you with a personalized pest control program for keeping your home, family and pets healthy.

Your Overall Health and Safety Is Our Goal!

You will receive a thorough home inspection from our residential pest control specialists because even the tiniest crack can provide an entry point for pests. We inspect your home’s interior and exterior which includes your attic, basement and crawl spaces.

After our thorough inspection you will receive a personalized inspection report. We consider factors such as the style and building materials of your home, the level of infestation and the current breeding cycles of the pests involved. This ensures that we not only solve your current pest problem, but it also helps prevent new ones from entering your home.

Then we develop a home maintenance program designed with your health and safety in mind. Our seasonal inspection, maintenance and prevention program will provide you with peace of mind year round. During the Spring, Summer and Fall our professionals will focus on the exterior of your home to create a complete protective barrier. If a program is recommended for Winter we will focus on the inside and provide a thorough and comprehensive report to insure that your home is free from harmful pests.

Our Comprehensive Control and Removal Process:

  • A thorough interior and exterior pest inspection by a residential pest control specialist
  • A comprehensive service report that includes pest activity analysis, product application recommendations and a prevention plan
  • Pest control services that utilize a variety of effective pest, ant, termite, roach and rodent control as well as bird and other wildlife removal techniques
  • Delivery of maximum results with minimal impact on your environment during any treatment application process

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to serving you with the highest professional and environmentally responsible standards. We guarantee to service your immediate needs while working to earn your long-term trust.

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