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Public Schools Mosquito Spraying

No one enjoys being bitten by mosquitos. Aside from being annoying, they carry diseases, and can cause itchy, red bumps where they’ve bitten you. One of the best ways to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses is to spray pesticides to control their populations. We provide Mosquito Spraying services for public schools, effectively limiting the mosquito population and protecting children and educators from several viruses that mosquitos carry.

In addition to Zika virus, mosquitos also carry other viruses. Mosquitos have also been known to transmit Dengue virus and the West Nile virus. The spraying methods we use are safe and pesticides will be sprayed at a time when school is not in session to provide maximum safety. Spraying for mosquitos is an effective way to reduce the chances of West Nile, Dengue, or Zika virus contraction at your schools. If you have a mosquito issue, call today to schedule an appointment for Mosquito Spraying.

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