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5 Star Loyalty Program

Our 5 Star Loyalty Program includes 4 exterior applications that covers over 50 different flying and crawling insects from entering your home.

Our program consists of 4 steps, each with services performed 6-8 weeks apart.

Step 1: Identify the initial problems

Our technician will inspect your home for signs of pests, or pest activity, and treat your house for those pests.

Step 2: Break the Life Cycle

Our technician will return to your home in 6-8 weeks to check the results of the initial treatment and apply a second treatment. This treatment will take care of any insect eggs that may have hatched after the first treatment, as insect eggs are not affected by pest control treatments.

Step 3: Year Round Protection

Our technicians will apply a barrier treatment to the exterior of your house, preventing insects from entering your home. We will check for any signs of pest activity in your home and adjust treatments to address any additional issues as needed.

Step 4: Prevent Hibernating Insects

This step is one of the most important, as winter approaches and the temperatures cool insects will seek out structures to hibernate for the winter. Our technician will treat the peaks, eaves, overhangs, lower doors and windows, foundation, decks, and deck railings of your home to prevent insects from nesting and hibernating in your home through the winter.

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