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Asian Lady Beetles

Commonly Known As Ladybugs

The family of beetles known as Coccinellidae has many similar looking, multicolored species. Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles are about ¼ inch (7mm) in length and can appear in a large spectrum of color combinations. Colors can range from yellow to orange to the classic red with blacks spots (the classic “Ladybug”). The variability of appearance in the adults can mislead people to think they are different species.

Behavior and Diet of The Asian Lady Beetle

Many species of Coccinellidae exist in the US and Canada. Most Asian Lady Beetles are beneficial insects; several species have been imported to the Americas to control crop pests. The Asian Lady Beetle feeds primarily on aphids, mealybugs and scale insects. In the fall these beetles gather in large numbers in preparation to hibernate through the winter. They will typically gather on light-colored houses, buildings and other surfaces. If there are entry points in a house, the Asian Lady Beetle will enter to hibernate through the winter months. In the spring they will emerge and begin feeding on aphids and other garden pests.

Lifecycle of Asian Lady Beetles

With approximately 5,000 species of Asian Lady Beetles or Ladybugs worldwide the life-cycle will vary depending on environment.

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